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This is the official website of the Blackwood Valley Small Landholders Group Inc: (BVSLG). BVSLG is a not-for-profit community organisation set up to assist its members and the members of reciprocating community groups with similar interests.

The BVSLG assists and encourages owners of smaller rural properties (nominally 1-40ha) in aspects of good property management whatever their land use objectives (such as income generation, quiet enjoyment of rural living or environmental rehabilitation).   The aim is to help owners achieve their goals in land, water and enterprise management on their properties for their own benefit and for the benefit of the wider community.  

Workshops, property visits, our Facebook page (Blackwood Valley Small Landholders Group), Newsletters and this website aim to help property owners enjoy rural life, inform owners of land use obligations, of which they may not be aware, and introduce them to a supportive network. Most events are run on a cost recovery basis with lower costs for members than non-members. Membership is presently $20 per year per person, or $25 per year for a couple. For more information contact the Secretary (Mob: 0427 086 299).

This website is provided to encourage, enthuse and assist you as owners of rural properties to enhance the management of your properties and your enjoyment and success of rural living. Along with a wide range of information and references to other sites, the website provides information on upcoming events and news.

The website supersedes an earlier BVSLG website. This new website grew out of the Virtual Innovation Hub project supported by the 'State NRM Office', funded by the Western Australian Government with support from Royalties for Regions. That project was administered by the Blackwood Environment Society Inc. (BES), a not-for-profit conservation group formed in 1988 by environmentally concerned residents in the Shire of Bridgetown Greenbushes. We encourage people to investigate and consider membership of the BES in addition to the BVSLG. 


​Since 2014 BES has managed a part time Landcare Officer funded by the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes and located in the Bridgetown Visitors Centre. The Landcare Officer offers a free hands-on advisory service to landholders on topics of weed management, water quality, revegetation, pest animal control and all aspects of land management. The Landcare Office provides a water testing service for water pH and salinity. (Mob: 0428 723 111)

Blackwood Biosecurity Inc: is also located in the Bridgetown Visitors Centre. This is the leading local group to address issues of declared pests and weeds. (

Contact Information

BVSLG Secretary

PO Box 841
Bridgetown, Western Australia 6255

Mobile 0427 086 299