Sources of Useful Information
A range of websites are offered in this section to help you find useful information related to what you are doing or intend to do on your property.

Wine Farm

The South West Agroforestry Network is a good place to start. Their website states: ‘The South West Agroforestry Network supports the growing of trees and forests for the many benefits sought by landowners.  Benefits include soil and water protection, wildlife habitat, timber and other tree products, carbon storage and aesthetics.
We support landowners and others by being a contact point for information, by holding field days and courses, and by keeping people connected to what's going on in the world of tree growing and revegetation.’
If carbon farming is something you are considering, here’s a place to start:

For a National Government perspective:
See this page for Aquaculture in WA, including licence requirements:

Land for Wildlife is a good place to start in South West WA:
The following site provides an example from Margaret River of a bushland management plan:

Organic Farmers Market




Broadacre crops
Orchard crops for the South West of WA – (See Tree Crops)

Specialist crops

Vegetables crops for the South West of WA
‘The horticulture handbook – a reference guide for establishing horticulture enterprises in Western Australia’:
reference-guide-establishing-horticulture handbook

Waterwise irrigation – big benefits for small properties:

Production and post-harvest

General management

The next website covers many aspects of management and many species of livestock:

Alpacas – camelids



While the following article is concerned with dairy goats, many of the management aspects will apply to goats kept for meat:


Book Advert: ‘Managing horses on small properties’, edited by Jane Myers:




Perennial pastures
‘Perennial pastures for Western Australia’ compiled by Geoff Moore, Paul Sanford and Tim Wiley (2006) is available to purchase and download from:

Tourism (WA)
Farm stay

First, this national site has much more information than you will need:

What’s happening in the Eastern States:

Property visits and produce sales
The first website is also relevant to food provided to farm stay paying visitors:

Tree crops
In the following website choose the fruit crops in which you are interest from the selection on the right-hand side of the page under ‘Filter by topic’.
Alternatively, when on the DPIRD website, type your interest (e.g. ‘avocado’) into the Search bar at the top right of the page.

Nut trees crops
Try the Australian Nut Industry Council website:

Timber crops – see Agroforestry above

Here are a range of other ideas, although a lot of them are just that – ideas. Separate information will need to be sought to find likely financial returns and how best to set up and run the ideas that appeal to you: