Living With Wildlife


One of the joys of rural living can be encounters with wildlife.  However, there are certain wildlife that can be dangerous if cornered and some that damage fences or consume pasture, crops and plants in the vegie garden.  Enjoying and encouraging particular species while actively discouraging or controlling others is likely to be a part of your property planning and management – although maybe no overtly.


Ideas for Discouraging Kangaroos from your Garden

Summer time is the most likely time of the year that you will be visited in your garden by kangaroos.  When there is no green feed around your garden will look very tasty.

Some of the following ideas for distracting kangaroos from your garden have been successful.  It’s a question of trial and error, and seeing which techniques work for you. Please always be mindful of the welfare needs of these wonderful fauna, amongst whom you have chosen to live.

Don’t leave water available during the summer months.

Fence off your garden.

Keep a dog inside the fenced garden.  Kangaroos don’t like dogs barking at them - but don’t allow your dog to chase kangaroos.  That could cause much stress and even injury to both the kangaroo and to your dog if the kangaroo decides to defend itself.

Planting ‘sacrifice plants’ on the boundary of the area you want to keep free of kangaroos.  These can provide green feed during the drier months. A good plant for this is Tagasaste or ‘Tree Lucerne’, but it must be managed to avoid its uncontrolled spread.  Removing flowers or all seed pods is a good option. During the growing season the Tagasaste may need to be fenced off until they are of a size that will stand up to grazing by kangaroos.

During drier months place a bale of Lucerne hay on the boundary of the area you want to protect.

Shoo kangaroos away when they come onto your garden.  A sharp loud bang or noise can deter them. Kangaroos are flighty animals and will not stay around an area that is uncomfortable to them.

Don’t feed kangaroos in the area from which you are trying to expel them. That would only encourage them to come back.

Mix Vicks Vapour Rub and water and spray the mixture around the base of plants you don’t want eaten. Kangaroos do not like the smell!

Agral 600 is a wetting agent that has been used with some success at discouraging kangaroos in the hills area of Perth.  Agricultural suppliers stock this product. Mix Agral with water in a container with a lid. Drill some holes in the lid and place the container in the garden.  Again, kangaroos don’t like the odour and have been seen to stay away.

Good luck, but always remember you live in a country environment that is home to many unique native animals.  Please try to find ways to live together. You can’t expect the animals to leave their natural environment just because you have moved in.